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Top 5 Crystals For Protection

You could cut the tension with a knife.

Ever heard that phrase? If you’ve ever walked into a room in the middle of a tense negotiation or during an argument, you know exactly what it feels like. The energy is thick with tension and negative or low vibration. It’s not your imagination. Energy transfers easily and can influence your personal frequency. We are bombarded every day with energy that can pull us off center.

Been cooped up all Winter? Work with a Debbie Downer? Had an argument with your spouse? Feeling fried from hours at the computer? Maybe just feeling stuck in a rut? These five crystals are your protection tool-kit:

Black Tourmaline

This crystal can actually transmute and restructure energy bringing the vibration back to optimum levels. It is particularly good at purifying electromagnetic debris to protect you from the negative effects of using technology devices such as tablets, cell phones and computers.

Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


This is such a FEEL-GOOD crystal. Truly one of my very own faves! Amethyst imparts a beautiful protective energy that reaches deep into your spirit. The purple resonates at a highly spiritual level and hugs you with light.

Amethyst Druse, Copyright Valri Hamilton
Amethyst Druse, Copyright Valri Hamilton, author’s own collection


 Smokey Quartz

Very purifying and protective, smokey quartz protects you with grounding synergy from the Earth.

Smokey Quartz, copyright Valri Hamilton 2014
Smokey Quartz, copyright Valri Hamilton 2014, author’s own collection


Black Onyx

Use this one for support during stressful events. It will provide grounding energy and protect your personal energy from being drained by other people.

Black Onyx copyright Valri Hamilton 2014
Black Onyx copyright Valri Hamilton 2014, author’s own collection


Champagne Tourmaline

This crystal works in such a loving, gentle way – cleansing, calming, healing and relaxing. Like taking a long warm bath. Transmutes energy thoroughly.



There you go, all protected and feeling grounded! Any one of these crystals is a good addition to your basic collection of Crystals For Living. Use in a personal mojo bag, crystal grid or home decor and receive these amazing energy transformations when you need them.


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