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Tigers Eye is Purrrr-fect for the Total Lunar Eclipse

Tigers Eye is Purrrr-fect for the Total Lunar Eclipse

Can it get any more complicated? Not only is it a Full Moon today, but we are treated to a Total Lunar Eclipse as well. Lots of energy to deal with. At Crystals For Living, we aim to simplify all this stuff so you have the tools to use easily in your daily life. So here we go:

This Total Lunar Eclipse highlights the Fire energy of Libra – with a revved up need to achieve balance. Think yin/yang, dark/light, sweet/sour.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the sun and the moon. It’s the Earth’s shadow cast upon the moon that causes the darkening eclipse. A TOTAL eclipse, such as this, means the Earth is in total alignment with the moon and the sun.

Think of that for a moment. The Earth is sandwiched between the moon and the sun. Can you see how the energy may be intensified?

You may feel this as a compressing energy, just like being in an energy sandwich. You may feel this as a pulling energy, as though you are being torn between opposing energies, like in a tug of war.

Either way, the answer is balance and flow. That is the Libra component: we are being asked to restore balance to how we manage whatever issues arise with this eclipse.

Your Crystal Coyote Wisdom for this event is found in Tigers Eye. This stone is purrrr-fect for balance and staying grounded. Tigers Eye is a feel good stone that will relieve the pressure of the eclipse, mitigate negativity, depression or turmoil.

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