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Mother’s Day Week: Crystals for New Moms

Here in the U.S. we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day. Completely fabricated by the greeting card industry (those sneaky but smart business people), it is nevertheless a nice thing to celebrate – our Mom’s have been there for us in oh so many ways, from before our entrance to the world, throughout our helpless years, teaching and guiding and loving us into adulthood.

source: getty images
source: getty images

The big news recently, of the birth of a daughter to England’s royal family brings happy news to Anglophiles everywhere. Of course, we know that dear Kate has a tad more help than the average Mum, but I hear that she’s mostly in the DIY camp, much like her baby’s Gran, Diana.

Got me to thinking: what crystals would be most helpful to a New Mom (or Mum, depending on which continent you hail). Here are my two faves for dear Kate and all the other New Mums/Moms out there:


chalcedony -  source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

This, my friends, may be the holy grail for new motherhood and for SO many reasons, this should be carried, worn, tucked under the pillow during the first several months of motherhood.

Here is a list of the attributes to know:

  • Fosters maternal instinct, balances body, emotions, mind and spirit – because after ALL you’ve just been through there is lot out of kilter, yes?
  • Increases lactation – in case you need more of that
  • Removes hostility and transforms melancholy to joy – helloooo, postpartum be gone!
  • Increases physical energy – well done! cuz, we’re gonna need a LOT of that.
source: It Rocks on pinterest, if you know original source, please advise

Chalcedony comes in a few colors, but all these healing attributes are present so don’t worry about pinkish or blueish. That’s a decor issue, sweetie.



This lovely will bring

  • stamina
  • patience
  • calm.

What we picture as New Motherhood, but in reality, maybe not.


When going to visit a new mom or putting together a baby shower gift, I always like to get something that is FOR THE MOM, because, let’s face it, these are the days when it’s all about baby and you begin the long backseat journey of the rest of your life. Add these to your gift with a little note card of instruction and your new mom friend will be good to go.


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