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Full Moon Crazies? Grab That Moonstone!

Full Moon Crazies? Grab That Moonstone!

I promised info on crystals to manage the full moon energy this weekend and here it is: This crystal is called moonstone! If you are new to crystals, what could be easier or more perfect to start with than moonstone? You simply can’t forget it’s name and one of it’s primary healing properties – working with the energy of the moon, no matter what phase the moon is in. So here’s your no-brainer crystal for managing the Full Moon crazies:



Moonstone brings calm, composure, peace of mind. In general very soothing to the inner self and emotions. No surprise, really, because moonstone is associated with feminine nurturing energy. So, working with moonstone is like getting a hug from your mother. Cool, huh?

This stone is good for other moon phases as well, bringing wisdom and those soothing vibes to both endings, beginnings, and any type of change. Moonstone will help you connect with the very best nurturing energy of The Universe through the very intuitive and wise parts of yourself.

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