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Everything Can Change In One Split Second

For the past year – yeah, nearly 12 months exactly, Life had other plans and my brand spanking new business took a back seat. I’d like to say that the dust has settled on all the events of the last 12 months, but it really hasn’t. There are still lengthy to-do lists and gotta-make-time-for-that’s and new stuff that is constantly showing up. Feels like a runaway train sometimes. But, I have stopped dead in my tracks with gratitude after learning that twice removed but still family relative fell and broke his neck. He has a 5% chance of ever walking or using his hands. Ever. He was moving into a new apartment, planning a new phase of his life and while trying to move a piece of furniture, fell and the furniture fell on him and he broke his neck. One second and his life is forever changed. Makes you stop and think. What the heck? How? Why?

So, all the things that have been consuming me for many months become, well, just life. Not events anymore. Not things that have to be dealt with or checked off a list. The runaway train is really the same train with the same stops that we all ride every day.

Clarity. A little more, yes. Urgency – well, I’ve got the same 24 hours that you do. I’ll be using them more wisely.

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