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Hi! I’m Valri Hamilton and I’m super-passionate about crystals and their ability to restore the energetic vibration of our homes, our physical and spirit body, as well as our pets. Nobody is more surprised than me when a session results in profound emotional release, or when I discover an imbalance of a particular energy center only to discover later that the client is experiencing a challenge that matches up. I still get a thrill when my uber-shy labradoodle jumps on the couch to snuggle with a friendly neighbor that she has kept her distance from for 5 years. It can boggle the mind to accept that a small stone can have these profound effects. But I’ve seen it and I think every single human on earth should have crystals in their lives. Crystals are easy to work with, cost effective and they are beautiful.




What I love about crystals:

The consistency of the atomic structure of various crystals is sacred, a gift from God and I’m fascinated that each stone’s energetic vibration can influence our environment, our bodies and our spirit. Scientific research supports what nearly every ancient culture since the beginning of time has practiced; that physical and spiritual illness is caused by energetic imbalance and can be prevented and often healed through the gifts of nature.


My Favorite Crystal:

Amethyst! I’ve been drawn to this stone all my life, trading my traditional birthstone for amethyst instead. For 25 years, I’ve worn a beautiful tiny amethyst pyramid that was given to me by a dear friend’s mother, long before I became interested in the healing properties of crystals.


Why I become a crystal healer:

Energy has been a part of my spiritual vocabulary since I was a child. Starting with reading a booklet on Transcendental Meditation when I was nine, an astral travel experience when I was eleven, and the experience of channeling the thoughts of both a living person and those of a person who had crossed over when I was in my thirties has informed my belief that The Universe is a spiritual place and we live in that place every day. I had no training or interest in astral travel or channeling when these experiences happened. But I know they happened, unequivocally. One day, I took an interest in crystals, sort of out of the blue and once I understood the science behind the way crystals can heal, I wanted to share this with everyone! Imagine medicine that has no side effects and can heal physical or mental problems before they manifest as serious illness. I studied and earned certification through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and am currently a candidate for Advanced Crystal Master. My work is not a substitute for medical care, however, there are real and true benefits to working with the energy of crystals for physical and spiritual needs.


If money was no object:

I would save the lives of every animal on the planet from the depravity of human ignorance. Poaching, dog fighting, puppy mills, and the like are proof of a terrible disconnection from the fact that every living being has a soul.


My Superpower:

Unconditional love. I learned very early that people are often living in their own story, burdened with a history that drives behavior in a way that is not at all connected to me. To give love with no thought of its return is the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned. Thank you, Mom. Why is this my Superpower? Love is essential to each and every healing session I facilitate.



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