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Meet Prinny From the Block

copyright Valri Hamilton 2016
copyright Valri Hamilton 2016

Along about September, as we were packing up my mom’s house and moving my folks to a smaller place closer to my sister and me; there was a birthing. It’s a much longer story than I can tell at the moment. The short version is this: one of the feral cats that lived near Mom’s house had a litter of kittens 5 days before the move. The folks that bought the house were flipping it and construction workers would show up a few days after closing to begin extensive work. I couldn’t leave the momma and her babies behind to suffer just any old fate.

She is now my cat. I’m not a cat person. In truth, I’m highly allergic to cats. My husband is Not A Cat Person either. More so than I, without the allergies. Still, she has a soul and quite a soul at that, turns out. She lives at my house. The long term plan is to rehabilitate her to the point of being adoptable. My mom had started this during the first pregnancy (yes, there was more than one). She would come inside for her ‘extra’ food that my mom gave her to support the pregnancy. So she was sort of feral, but not completely. Mom named her Princess. And she is regal like a princess. But as we’ve gotten to know her, I’ve learned that she is more street smart than the average royal. Her coat and markings reminded me of a concert outfit that I’d seen in a photo of Jennifer Lopez. I revised her name to Princess J.Lo or PJ Lo. She walks like she knows the boys are looking, in that Jenny from the Block way. So most recently, I’ve added Prinny From The Block to her growing list of nicknames.

In the early days of transitioning her from being entirely outside, except for meals, she allowed pets but rarely being picked up. Now she is inside about 50 percent of the time, specifically at night – all night. She often goes to our bedroom on her own, obviously accustomed to fending for herself, and I think that the noises and lights of indoor living are not quite her thing.

copyright Valri Hamilton 2016
copyright Valri Hamilton 2016

Part of the way I work with Princess is giving her crystal healing sessions.  She will not sit still long for a lengthy session on all her chakras, so to begin with and still now, I use this chunk of rose quartz and put it on the bed with her when she naps. She always lays near it. I chose Rose Quartz because my experience with this crystal is a complete shedding of fear based resentment and grief. The energy is gentle and immediate. I’ve often said it is like being embraced by a mother’s hug. If you didn’t have that kind of mother, working with this stone will show you what a mother’s hug really feels like.

It’s a very loving healing. Personally, I sleep with rose quartz in my pillowcase nearly every night.

copyright Valri Hamilton 2016
copyright Valri Hamilton 2016

This photo shows her on the bed sleeping soundly and completely relaxed near the embrace of rose quartz’s energy. The day after this healing session, she allowed my husband to pick her up for the first time. She had lived here for three months, and although he was feeding her most of the time, she would run if he tried to touch her. That has changed now and she enjoys play sessions with him every night. Rose quartz is the only stone I’ve used in her sessions to this point and it is quite the miracle to see her trust and love for us grow. Stay tuned for more on Prinny From the Block’s story. She has taught us quite a lot. Another soul messenger sent from the Universe, I’m certain.

Everything Can Change In One Split Second

For the past year – yeah, nearly 12 months exactly, Life had other plans and my brand spanking new business took a back seat. I’d like to say that the dust has settled on all the events of the last 12 months, but it really hasn’t. There are still lengthy to-do lists and gotta-make-time-for-that’s and new stuff that is constantly showing up. Feels like a runaway train sometimes. But, I have stopped dead in my tracks with gratitude after learning that twice removed but still family relative fell and broke his neck. He has a 5% chance of ever walking or using his hands. Ever. He was moving into a new apartment, planning a new phase of his life and while trying to move a piece of furniture, fell and the furniture fell on him and he broke his neck. One second and his life is forever changed. Makes you stop and think. What the heck? How? Why?

So, all the things that have been consuming me for many months become, well, just life. Not events anymore. Not things that have to be dealt with or checked off a list. The runaway train is really the same train with the same stops that we all ride every day.

Clarity. A little more, yes. Urgency – well, I’ve got the same 24 hours that you do. I’ll be using them more wisely.

Mother’s Day Week: Crystals for New Moms

Here in the U.S. we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day. Completely fabricated by the greeting card industry (those sneaky but smart business people), it is nevertheless a nice thing to celebrate – our Mom’s have been there for us in oh so many ways, from before our entrance to the world, throughout our helpless years, teaching and guiding and loving us into adulthood.

source: getty images
source: getty images

The big news recently, of the birth of a daughter to England’s royal family brings happy news to Anglophiles everywhere. Of course, we know that dear Kate has a tad more help than the average Mum, but I hear that she’s mostly in the DIY camp, much like her baby’s Gran, Diana.

Got me to thinking: what crystals would be most helpful to a New Mom (or Mum, depending on which continent you hail). Here are my two faves for dear Kate and all the other New Mums/Moms out there:


chalcedony -  source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

This, my friends, may be the holy grail for new motherhood and for SO many reasons, this should be carried, worn, tucked under the pillow during the first several months of motherhood.

Here is a list of the attributes to know:

  • Fosters maternal instinct, balances body, emotions, mind and spirit – because after ALL you’ve just been through there is lot out of kilter, yes?
  • Increases lactation – in case you need more of that
  • Removes hostility and transforms melancholy to joy – helloooo, postpartum be gone!
  • Increases physical energy – well done! cuz, we’re gonna need a LOT of that.
source: It Rocks on pinterest, if you know original source, please advise

Chalcedony comes in a few colors, but all these healing attributes are present so don’t worry about pinkish or blueish. That’s a decor issue, sweetie.



This lovely will bring

  • stamina
  • patience
  • calm.

What we picture as New Motherhood, but in reality, maybe not.


When going to visit a new mom or putting together a baby shower gift, I always like to get something that is FOR THE MOM, because, let’s face it, these are the days when it’s all about baby and you begin the long backseat journey of the rest of your life. Add these to your gift with a little note card of instruction and your new mom friend will be good to go.


Top 5 Crystals For Protection

You could cut the tension with a knife.

Ever heard that phrase? If you’ve ever walked into a room in the middle of a tense negotiation or during an argument, you know exactly what it feels like. The energy is thick with tension and negative or low vibration. It’s not your imagination. Energy transfers easily and can influence your personal frequency. We are bombarded every day with energy that can pull us off center.

Been cooped up all Winter? Work with a Debbie Downer? Had an argument with your spouse? Feeling fried from hours at the computer? Maybe just feeling stuck in a rut? These five crystals are your protection tool-kit:

Black Tourmaline

This crystal can actually transmute and restructure energy bringing the vibration back to optimum levels. It is particularly good at purifying electromagnetic debris to protect you from the negative effects of using technology devices such as tablets, cell phones and computers.

Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


This is such a FEEL-GOOD crystal. Truly one of my very own faves! Amethyst imparts a beautiful protective energy that reaches deep into your spirit. The purple resonates at a highly spiritual level and hugs you with light.

Amethyst Druse, Copyright Valri Hamilton
Amethyst Druse, Copyright Valri Hamilton, author’s own collection


 Smokey Quartz

Very purifying and protective, smokey quartz protects you with grounding synergy from the Earth.

Smokey Quartz, copyright Valri Hamilton 2014
Smokey Quartz, copyright Valri Hamilton 2014, author’s own collection


Black Onyx

Use this one for support during stressful events. It will provide grounding energy and protect your personal energy from being drained by other people.

Black Onyx copyright Valri Hamilton 2014
Black Onyx copyright Valri Hamilton 2014, author’s own collection


Champagne Tourmaline

This crystal works in such a loving, gentle way – cleansing, calming, healing and relaxing. Like taking a long warm bath. Transmutes energy thoroughly.



There you go, all protected and feeling grounded! Any one of these crystals is a good addition to your basic collection of Crystals For Living. Use in a personal mojo bag, crystal grid or home decor and receive these amazing energy transformations when you need them.


Tigers Eye is Purrrr-fect for the Total Lunar Eclipse

Tigers Eye is Purrrr-fect for the Total Lunar Eclipse

Can it get any more complicated? Not only is it a Full Moon today, but we are treated to a Total Lunar Eclipse as well. Lots of energy to deal with. At Crystals For Living, we aim to simplify all this stuff so you have the tools to use easily in your daily life. So here we go:

This Total Lunar Eclipse highlights the Fire energy of Libra – with a revved up need to achieve balance. Think yin/yang, dark/light, sweet/sour.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the sun and the moon. It’s the Earth’s shadow cast upon the moon that causes the darkening eclipse. A TOTAL eclipse, such as this, means the Earth is in total alignment with the moon and the sun.

Think of that for a moment. The Earth is sandwiched between the moon and the sun. Can you see how the energy may be intensified?

You may feel this as a compressing energy, just like being in an energy sandwich. You may feel this as a pulling energy, as though you are being torn between opposing energies, like in a tug of war.

Either way, the answer is balance and flow. That is the Libra component: we are being asked to restore balance to how we manage whatever issues arise with this eclipse.

Your Crystal Coyote Wisdom for this event is found in Tigers Eye. This stone is purrrr-fect for balance and staying grounded. Tigers Eye is a feel good stone that will relieve the pressure of the eclipse, mitigate negativity, depression or turmoil.

tiger eye - wiki

Full Moon Crazies? Grab That Moonstone!

Full Moon Crazies? Grab That Moonstone!

I promised info on crystals to manage the full moon energy this weekend and here it is: This crystal is called moonstone! If you are new to crystals, what could be easier or more perfect to start with than moonstone? You simply can’t forget it’s name and one of it’s primary healing properties – working with the energy of the moon, no matter what phase the moon is in. So here’s your no-brainer crystal for managing the Full Moon crazies:



Moonstone brings calm, composure, peace of mind. In general very soothing to the inner self and emotions. No surprise, really, because moonstone is associated with feminine nurturing energy. So, working with moonstone is like getting a hug from your mother. Cool, huh?

This stone is good for other moon phases as well, bringing wisdom and those soothing vibes to both endings, beginnings, and any type of change. Moonstone will help you connect with the very best nurturing energy of The Universe through the very intuitive and wise parts of yourself.